Life within boundaries is hard and painful, no matter how sophisticated and safe it is. I always wonder why schools, offices, and sometimes even a home is felt so stressed and pressurised, because, it confines us within boundaries with specific regulations. Imagine, how this would emotionally affect an animal or bird being caged in a Zoo. They are fed, medicated, and well taken care of by professionals but still, they suffer, suffer from not being free. Life in Zoo is tough and challenging. Zoo visit has always been a guilty experience for me. During my visits, I always feel great sorrow for animals irrespective of their size or habitat. I sensed them feeling lonely, bored, lazy, frightened, and lost. I have also noticed how some of the gigantic animals have squeezed themselves within narrow spaces. I have painfully witnessed Cheetah and Zebras that never run, and restless Jaguar juggling within a glass-fenced cage in a single tree. Lions and Tigers sit or yawn with nothing to do except wait for the next meal. Thousands of people visit and enjoy the Zoo every day around the world without realizing how cruel it is to be in a cage or confined within boundaries. In my opinion, Zoo is yet another example of human exploitation and selfishness imposed on wildlife. This body of work aims to capture and depict the melancholy of these wonderful animals that unfortunately are destined to live in a Zoo. Some of these animals pictured in this project are no longer alive now and their offspring have never experienced a forest, freedom and most probably never will.

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