General Terms  & Conditions ("Seller") hereby agrees to sell, and You ("Buyer") hereby agree to purchase, goods of the description and quantity described on the checkout window ("Checkout") and incorporated herein by this reference ("Goods") on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. All prints are reproductions made to order at time of purchase.

Pricing & Delivery

Purchase Price:

Buyer agrees to pay the Purchase Price of the Goods as posted on this website attached hereto.

Payment Terms:

The total amount of the Purchase Price shall be payable in full by Buyer according to the payment due date stated at Checkout. The purchase price includes Singapore GST. The Buyer is solely responsible for any taxes that they are obligated to pay.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery shall be made in accordance with Seller's shipping policy in effect on the date of shipment. Delivery dates provided by Seller are estimates only. Seller will make reasonable efforts to deliver in accordance with such dates; however, Seller will not be liable for failure to deliver as estimated. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Seller, Goods shall be packaged according to Seller's standards and practices.


Seller undertakes no responsibility for the quality of the Goods or that the Goods will be fit for any particular purpose for which Buyer may be buying the Goods, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, and Seller disclaims all other warranties and conditions, express or implied. Seller shall not be held responsible for any failure of performance to make timely delivery of all or any part of the Goods. No compensation can be claimed for a delay in delivery or for any damage caused in print during delivery.

Return Policy

If for any reason the customer is unsatisfied with the product, then at the Buyer's request, Seller may issue a full refund of the purchased price paid by the Buyer at the sole discretion of Seller based on the circumstances within the fourteen (14) days window following delivery of the product(s) to the Seller. The product must be returned in perfect condition, unsealed with corresponding invoice. The cost of returning the product is at Buyer expense. For products returned in perfect condition, Seller would made the return within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the product. 

Any Questions?

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